Oct 31, 2009

So How do I improve my performance on the GRE? Read on..

the "hows" is what this blog will deal with.

Improving your performance on the GRE is not a question of mindless hours of preparation. To significantly improve your score you will need strategy as well as knowledge of the inner workings of this important test. I will be totally frank with you regarding the preparation and if my suggestions are followed appropriately it would definitely lead to an increase from your current GRE practice tests score (If it needs any improvement that is..) That being said lets begin in earnest.


I would classify the preparation stage into three distinct stages

1. Evaluation

2. Practicing

3. Optimizing

Even though I did not follow such a rigid set of rules during my preparation time, I realized later on that even though my preparation wasn't formal, it followed the sequence given above naturally without me being aware of it. Hence I would advice you to take a note of this structure.

Before You Begin:

1. Make sure you are in a quiet place where you can work undisturbed like the terrace or your room.

2. Get the latest edition of the Barrons GRE book. I found this book to be comprehensive and did not need the use of any other aid to supplement me although my friends did recommend Princeton review, Kaplan and Novapress GRE books to me. Since the GRE mainly tests concepts its essential that you are clear on that and Barron's does a good job in this aspect by having a through math review as well as its renowned 3500 word list which scares most GRE prep'ers away from this book! This word list should definitely be given importance since it seems to have many words commonly scattered around in the examination. However it is also likely that words which do not appear in this list can appear. So a well rounded preparation will help the most imho. Some useful GRE resources can also be accessed.

3. Get a pencil.

4. A stopwatch to time yourself if you have one.

5. A bottle of water.

6. Avoid studying in groups since you will only end up getting disturbed. However you can use the internet and the variety of GRE prep sites and forums to interact with fellow testers to get motivation and to gain more resources to aid you.

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