Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is meant to keep readers of this site updated about any information that may be collected about the visitor during their visit to

Privacy is given due importance for all the visitors of this blog. Gretopscorer will never willingly sell or trade information about visitors to a third party for any sort of profit.

Here are the ways in which visitors data may be used in this site.

No directly identifying information is obtained by gretopscorer other than ip address in visitor stats. This data is used only for the purpose of analysis and tailoring content and not for any other purpose.

When visitors click on a link of a third party website's ad's and enter their personal information which may include their email address and other payment details, then their privacy is under the jurisdiction of said third party and no longer under the purview of gretopscorer once a link outside the blog has been followed by the visitor.

We at gretopscorer take all precautions to ensure that access to ip address information is limited only to a select few involved in creating content. Thus this data is safe and not of any use to us. However, we cannot stand guarantee that this data might not be compromised under a fraudulent attack which exposes such details.